All Stuff&Stuff ceramic pieces are hand made. Any irregularities in appearance are a result of this process and are what makes each item unique and original.

Vases, Planters, Tableware:

As with any ceramic, Stuff&Stuff stoneware and porcelain pieces are fragile and may be damaged if mistreated. Unglazed porcelain and stoneware may be porous and can pick up stains. The insides of all of our planters and vases are fully glazed to make them suitable for holding water and soil. If required, porcelain should be washed with a gentle dishwashing liquid. If normal washing does not remove a stain, we recommend the use of cream cleanser. 

All of our pieces, except those with gold lustre, are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Ceramic Jewellery:

As with any ceramic, Stuff&Stuff pendants are fragile may be damaged if mistreated or dropped. Unglazed ceramic is porous and may pick up stains. It is recommended that you do not let your ceramic pendant come into contact with make-up or lotions. If required, your ceramic pendant may be wiped with a damp cloth or washed with a gentle dishwashing liquid.

Our ceramic pendants are strung from leather, 14K gold-filled or sterling silver chains. Our natural leather pendants will develop a patina over time due to the oils in your skin. This is natural and should be embraced. Our gold-filled and sterling silver chains may tarnish if they come into contact with lotions and perfumes. Mild tarnishing or dirt build-up can be removed with a jewellery cloth.